Drawing on survey data and insights from leading figures in the industry, we crafted a comprehensive guide for navigating enterprise privacy in 2024. 

Data Privacy Leaders featured in this guide:

Caroline Parks

Caroline Parks, Senior Director and Corporate Privacy Counsel
Expedia Group

andrew dpb

Drew Bjerken, Vice President and Head of Global Privacy
Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Xochitl Monteon

Xochitl Monteon, Vice President of Cybersecurity Risk & Governance and Chief Privacy Officer

Chris Foreman

Chris Foreman, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer

Jennifer Garone

Jennifer Garone, Former Senior Director of Privacy and Information Governance

As we approach 2024, data privacy continues to assert itself as a top-of-mind issue for enterprises, consumers, and governing bodies alike. 

Given the extensive developments and rapid evolutions in this space, how can privacy leaders strategically prepare their programs and their own expertise in anticipation of the upcoming year?

Data Privacy Board members shared insights on:

  • Planning your 2024 budget
  • Future-proofing your team and skill sets 
  • Preparing for the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence 
  • Navigating global privacy regulations 

Download these actionable insights to ensure you and your organization are set up for success in 2024.