Discover the top priorities of talent marketing leaders for 2024 and learn effective strategies to maximize your resources in order to achieve these goals.

Talent Marketing Leaders Featured in This Guide:

Mollie Bush

Mollie Bush, Lead Employer Brand Consultant

Niki Ferrans

Niki Ferrans, Director of Employer Marketing

Britt Bloch

Britt Bloch, Vice President of Talent Acquisition Strategy and Head of Recruiting
Navy Federal Credit Union

What steps can you take to enhance your talent marketing initiatives in 2024 and get ahead of industry trends moving forward?

In a Talent Marketing Board panel discussion, heads of employer brand and recruitment marketing shared the top strategies and priorities for talent marketing in 2024. They went in depth on:

  • Strategies for elevating your talent marketing initiatives
  • Embracing AI to boost engagement and candidate experiences
  • Using predictive analytics for optimal decision-making
  • Revamping your EVP to boost employer branding
  • And more

Download our guide to get ahead with the top employer brand and recruitment marketing strategies for 2024.