Heads of employer brand and recruitment marketing share strategies for enhancing internal mobility through employer branding, employee resource groups, and inclusive career development opportunities.

Talent marketing leaders in this guide:

Kim Hawkins

Kim Hawkins, VP and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recruiting Program Manager
U.S. Bank

Carolyn Larson

Carolyn Larson, Senior Program Manager of Recruitment Marketing and DEI
C.H. Robinson

Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton, Former Director of Talent Acquisition and DEI Board alumnus

Jessica McCadden

Jessica McCadden, Assistant Vice President of Creative Strategy and Talent Marketing Board alumna

Niki Ferrans

Niki Ferrans, Director of Employer Marketing

Erica White-Dunston

Erica White-Dunston, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Recruiting and retaining top talent can be a challenging and costly task for any organization. However, internal mobility demonstrates how your organization values all employees' development and is invested in their long-term career progression.

Talent Marketing Board members -- all heads of employer brand and recruitment marketing at the world's largest companies -- provided strategies for enhancing  internal mobility in several leadership discussions. We gathered their insights on how to:

  • Effectively promote internal mobility through talent marketing
  • Elevate employer branding to highlight internal opportunities
  • Enhance representation and leverage ERGs to drive employee engagement
  • Improve DEI efforts to keep diverse talent engaged

Download our guide for best practices for keeping employees engaged and enhancing internal mobility at your organization.