Best practices on how DEI and talent acquisition teams can partner to improve diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process.

DEI and talent marketing leaders in this guide:

Kim Hawkins

Kim Hawkins, VP and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recruiting Program Manager U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank

Carolyn Larson

Carolyn Larson, Senior Program Manager of Recruitment Marketing and DEI
C.H. Robinson

Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton, Former Director of Talent Acquisition and DEI Board Alumnus

Collaboration between Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Talent Acquisition (TA) teams are essential for improving DEI within your organization and creating inclusive hiring practices. 

Our Board Members – senior DEI and talent marketing leaders at the world's largest companies – recently shared insights on how DEI and TA teams can partner for recruiting success. They discussed strategies on:

  • Establishing foundational elements for inclusive recruiting
  • Equipping hiring managers and recruiting teams with DEI tools
  • Creating diverse slate requirements
  • Setting up inclusive career pathways
  • Retaining diverse talent across the enterprise

Download our guide to gain actionable insights on aligning DEI and talent acquisition teams for effective inclusive recruiting practices.