Expert advice on internally branding privacy as a value proposition, securing leadership support, and educating the enterprise

Successfully branding privacy and data protection as a value proposition is a foundational element of leading an effective data privacy program at a large company. 

Yet, as a data privacy leader, you know the challenges of securing enterprise-wide support, buy-in, and influence for a sector that's rarely seen as a profit or innovation driver. 

We spoke with the pioneer of data privacy, Richard Purcell -- Microsoft's first Chief Privacy Officer, Corporate Privacy Group founder, and Chair of the DHS Privacy Advisory Committee -- to get his expert advice on effectively positioning a privacy program, including how to:

  • Secure executive-level support 
  • Create enterprise-wide awareness and education 
  • Build a positive data privacy culture 

You know data privacy can't exist in a silo. Whether you're a seasoned privacy professional or just entering the space, these insights -- based on over 20 years of experience -- will help you take the necessary steps to successfully position your program.

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Richard Purcell, CEO
Corporate Privacy Group