Six steps to best prepare your organization to meet the new climate disclosure requirements 

ESG and CSR Leaders Featured in this guide:

jon amt

Jon Amt, Managing Counsel, Corporate; Head of Enterprise ESG & Sustainability
Electronic Arts


Daniel Pellegrom, Director of ESG and Corporate Responsibility

Two years after the rules were first proposed, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) voted on its highly-anticipated climate disclosure rule on March 6, 2024, posing complex challenges for both public enterprises and the private companies who sell to them.  

The proposed requirements are said to deliver an enhancement and standardization of climate-related disclosures, shifting climate reporting from a primarily voluntary practice to an enforced standard, and fundamentally altering enterprise operations. 

We spoke with ESG & CSR Board alum Jon Amt, Managing Counsel for Corporate and Head of Enterprise ESG & Sustainability at Electronic Arts, to get his advice on how enterprise sustainability and ESG leaders should best prepare. 

We also included insights on how to track and prepare for upcoming regulatory changes from ESG & CSR Board Member Daniel Pellegrom, Director of ESG and Corporate Responsibility at Leidos. 

Download our checklist to learn the six steps enterprises can take to prepare for the SEC's climate-related disclosures.