About this panel discussion: 

Reporting on your DEI strategies is a golden opportunity to tell a compelling story with your data. While this conversation on DEI strategies is nuanced and complex, it is vital to show how your initiatives move the needle and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization.

Watch our panel discussion with the industry's foremost diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders on:

  • The importance of DEI reporting at the enterprise level
  • Deciding which metrics companies should focus on
  • External vs. internal reporting
  • Publishing DEI data for transparency

Whether you’re using a scorecard or tracking progress another way, reporting on your DEI data is essential in creating accountability and transparency into how you're meeting your goals.

Meet the panelists who led the conversation:

Jason Clark

Jason Clark, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Charles Schwab

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Jacqueline Hardt, Senior DEI Analytics Manager
M&T Bank

Meet the moderator:


Vibha Jain Miller, Senior Vice President of People and DEIBA

DEI Board Members who are part of these conversations:

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