Strategies for showcasing the ROI of employee experience, linking EX to organizational goals, and building a business case for increased buy-in.

Employee Experience Leaders Featured in This Guide:

Kate Zimberg-1

Kate Zimberg, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Nicole Sloane

Nicole Sloane, HR Director of Global Employee Experience

Cindy Silva

Cindy Silva, Global Head of Benefits
State Street

A successful employee experience (EX) strategy impacts engagement, productivity, and retention, driving innovation and creating a positive workplace culture. However, to secure more buy-in, it's essential to utilize data demonstrating the impact of your EX functions on business outcomes.

Employee Experience Board members – all senior EX leaders at the world's largest companies -- discussed strategies for connecting EX to business goals. Our members went in-depth on:

  • Defining employee experience at your organization
  • Determining which areas to build your EX strategy around
  • Measuring the ROI of EX
  • Building a business case for increased investment

Download our guide to learn how to align your EX strategy with business objectives and increase employee engagement.