Learn best practices from senior talent leaders about designing your career site, integrating your EVP, measuring its success, and more.

Talent Marketing Leaders Featured in This Guide

Vanessa Sain-Dieguez

Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, Senior Director of Talent Attraction


Tisha Backer, Human Resources Director
C.H. Robinson

Amy Forbes

Amy Forbes, Global Program Manager of CSG Strategy Team
Dell Technologies

Creating an effective career site is essential to building your employer brand and recruiting top talent who can help your company succeed. Career sites are a critical tool for highlighting your employee value proposition, showcasing your employees' experiences, and offering transparent job descriptions to your candidates. But which steps are necessary to deploy a successful career site and which metrics do you need to measure in order to understand if your site is successful?

In this guide, senior talent leaders and Talent Marketing Board members share insights on:

  • Designing a simplified and mobile friendly version of your career site
  • Which content helps attract top talent
  • Creating transparent job descriptions to influence candidates
  • Implementing your EVP into your career site
  • Measuring the success of your career site, and more

Creating a successful career site requires collaboration across your business lines and content that highlights your company culture that candidates value. Download this guide to learn how you can implement employee storytelling, connections for candidates, and streamlined management for your career site.