Leadership insights on the roles needed to advance your data governance program and the essential skills to help your team succeed.

Enterprise Data Leaders featured in this guide:

Angie Muhlbauer

Angie Muhlbauer, Director of Engineering
Principal Financial Group

Eileen OMalley

Eileen O'Malley, Head of Data and Analytics Governance and Risk

Scott Zinn

Scott Zinn, Vice President of Enterprise Data Governance
American Express

In today's data-driven world, organizations across different industries are collecting vast amounts of data. But without proper governance, this data can become overwhelming and even detrimental to the success of your business.

Establishing an effective team structure can ensure that your data is properly managed, secured, and utilized to drive business outcomes. We spoke to enterprise data strategy leaders at the world's largest companies to gain their insights on:

  • Educating executives on the value of effective governance
  • Key roles needed for a successful data governance team
  • Essential skills to help you advance your program

Effective team structures promote collaboration and communication among team members, enabling your business leaders to make better informed decisions. Download our guide to discover the key roles and skills needed to lead a successful data governance program.

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