Advice from senior data leaders on how to define your literacy goals, tailor your message, and source data champions.

Enterprise Data Leaders featured in this guide:


Craig Brabec, SVP, Chief Data Analytics Officer
Best Buy (formerly at McDonald's)


Chris Gifford, Chief Data Analytics Officer

Jennifer Battista

Jennifer Battista, former VP of Data Strategy
(formerly at Shaw Communications)

As global enterprises undergo digital transformations, it's never been more pertinent to foster a culture of data literacy. In fact, Forrester predicts that by 2025, most employees will be expected to work heavily with data in their roles.

Yet, meeting these new expectations will be a long journey -- many employees still feel uncomfortable reading and communicating data in context. Shifting this mindset begins with you. 

We gathered insights from senior data leaders to learn what's worked and what hasn't when providing employees with the resources needed to bolster their data literacy skills. They shared insights on:

  • Defining data literacy at your organization
  • Customizing your program for different enterprise personas
  • Sourcing internal enthusiasm for data
  • And more

Download these actionable insights to empower data literacy at your company.