About this panel discussion: 

Establishing and implementing effective strategies to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce requires a successful partnership between DEI, employer brand, and recruitment marketing leaders.

Addressing DEI challenges in recruitment is critical for shaping your culture, driving innovation, fostering engagement, and ensuring sustainable growth. How are you planning to navigate the challenges associated with enhancing recruitment through a DEI lens?

Download our panel recording for insights from senior DEI and talent marketing leaders on:

  • Embedding Inclusive Recruiting Practices
  • Creating Inclusive Career Pathways
  • Enhancing Your EVP for Diverse Workforces
  • Implementing DEI-Focused Retention Strategies

DEI and talent marketing leaders who led the discussion:

Carolyn Larson

Carolyn Larson, Senior Program Manager of Recruitment Marketing and DEI
C.H. Robinson

Kim Hawkins

Kim Hawkins, VP and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recruiting Program Manager
U.S. Bank

Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton, Director of Talent Acquisition and DEI Board Alumnus
LCBO (formerly)

Meet the moderator

Hillary Robbins

Hillary Robbins, Recruiting Manager

DEI and Talent Marketing Board Members who are part of these conversations:

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