Gain insights on how DEI leaders are gathering representation data, using dashboards to visualize metrics, and communicating data in scorecards to inform their strategies.

DEI Leaders featured in this guide

Victoria Russell Headshot - 1x1

Victoria Russell, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Beam Suntory

Headshot Simon grace

Simon Grace, Vice President of Global People Services


Alenda Durr, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

When implementing initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion, how do you know if your strategies are moving the needle? Many DEI leaders rely on scorecards to help track and measure their goals in their organizations, which can create essential data points for representation and diversity enterprise-wide and understand your workplace diversity better.

In this guide, DEI Board Members Victoria Russell, Simon Grace, and Alenda Durr gave insights on the importance of using DEI scorecards to measure strategies and which metrics all DEI leaders should be tracking. They discussed:

  • The importance of using DEI scorecards to measure goals
  • Which specific metrics to track
  • Strategies for collecting data enterprise-wide
  • How to communicate metrics throughout your organization

Whether you're at the start of your DEI journey or looking to understand if your long-term initiatives are actually moving the needle, download this guide to learn about the key metrics to track in your DEI scorecards and strategies to help you advance DEI at your organization.