About this panel discussion:

Data governance has become one of the core elements of an enterprise data strategy.

Establishing effective data governance processes across your organization can help improve operational efficiency, data quality, and decision-making across all business lines. But what are the key steps needed to elevate your data governance to align the collection, usage, and creation of data enterprise-wide?

Download the panel discussion featuring some of the foremost enterprise data strategy leaders and get their insights on:

  • Assigning accountability for data quality
  • Building a data governance council for long-term success
  • Selling governance as a value proposition
  • Finding the balance between data strategy and privacy compliance
  • Selecting the right data catalog for your enterprise

Meet the panelists who led the conversation:


Renee Langeness, Director of Data Governance
Principal Financial Group


Scott Zinn, Vice President, Enterprise Data Governance
American Express

Lisa Novier

Lisa Novier, Head of Governance, Risk, and Compliance - Data Analytics

Meet the moderator:

Vlad Eidelman

Vlad Eidelman, Chief Technology Officer

Enterprise Data Strategy Board Members who are part of these conversations:

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