About this panel discussion:

Employee onboarding plays a critical role in shaping the initial experiences of new hires, influencing their engagement, belonging, and retention.

But designing effective onboarding programs that resonate with diverse talent and align with company culture can be challenging. How can you implement onboarding programs to improve the overall employee experience?

Join our panel discussion with senior employee experience leaders on:

  • Enhancing new hire experiences to boost engagement
  • Navigating in-person, hybrid, and remote onboarding
  • Supporting new hires beyond the initial onboarding process
  • Leveraging technology for a better onboarding experience

Meet the EX leaders in the panel:

Ankur Makanji

Ankur Makanji, Talent, Employee Experience, and Organizational Development Manager

Janet Russell Norton

Janet Russell Norton, Head of North American Talent Management Strategy, Leader Development, and Employee Relations
Volvo Group

Headshot (1)-Jul-03-2024-03-38-16-3974-PM

Tammy Pinkston, Engagement Program Manager
Harbor Freight Tools

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