Insights on the state of the tech job market today and how to reach the right talent for your organization.


Jude Bugarin

Jude Bugarin, Associate Technical Recruiting Manager
Yum! Brands

Historically, the demand for technical and data talent has outpaced the applicant pool, creating a worker shortage and skill gap that could stifle companies' digital transformations. 

As companies look to ramp up their capabilities amid the rapid development of new technologies, how can you ensure you're attracting and retaining the right talent?

We spoke with Talent Marketing Board Member Jude Bugarin, Associate Technical Recruiting Manager at Yum! Brands, and gathered insights from Enterprise Data Strategy Board members to learn best practices for recruiting and retaining tech talent in 2024, including: 

  • How the recent wave of layoffs has affected the market 
  • How to highlight the innovative projects and solutions your company is working on
  • The benefits that matter most to tech talent in 2024 
  • Where you can train talent to fulfill skill gaps

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