Best practices for embedding DEI training across your organization and measuring how effective training creates an inclusive workplace environment.

DEI Leader Featured in This Guide


Andrea Cooper, DEI Program Manager
Citizens Bank

DEI training programs are critical for business success as they foster inclusive cultures, drive innovation through diverse perspectives, and enhance employee engagement and retention.

But with growing criticism and pushback against DEI initiatives, how are DEI leaders successfully embedding dedicated training and buy-in for future investment?

We spoke with Andrea Cooper, DEI Program Manager at Citizens Bank, and our DEI Board members, who discussed best practices on:

  • Educating executives on the importance of DEI training
  • Deciding which training programs are worth investing in
  • Measuring the effectiveness of DEI training
  • Leveraging technology to enhance training practices

Download our guide to discover how to embed DEI training across your company and educate stakeholders on the importance of your strategy.