The unique skills sustainability leaders need to bring to the boardrooms of today and tomorrow.

ESG leaders featured in this guide

Clare Doyle

Clare Doyle, CEO
Verdesian Life Sciences

Gerald Yao

Gerald Yao, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Head of ESG and Co-founder

As a corporate philanthropy leader, you know that your team is doing important work, but translating the value of that work into reportable data is a challenge, even for some of the most mature programs. 

As companies navigate increasingly complex global challenges, from climate change to social inequalities, today's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) leaders are not just agents of change but architects of value creation and corporate resilience.  

We spoke with ESG & CSR Board alumna Clare Doyle, CEO of Verdesian Life Sciences and former Masonite Chief Sustainability Officer, and Gerald Yao, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Head of ESG, and Co-founder of FiscalNote, to highlight the unique skills ESG leaders bring to the boardroom.

Moreover, they offered a roadmap for continuous growth and adaptation in this rapidly evolving field, including how to:

  • Adapt your skill sets and expertise to meet increasing demands
  • Effectively communicate with leadership on ESG initiatives 
  • Position yourself as a key thought leader internally and externally
  • Navigate rising ESG scrutiny 

Whether you're a seasoned director aiming to advance your career or just stepping into a leadership role, use these insights to ensure you're prepared for where corporate ESG roles are headed.