Highlights from a Data Privacy Board panel discussion on navigating the current state of privacy. 

Data Privacy Leaders featured in this guide:

Caroline Parks

Caroline Parks, Senior Director and Corporate Privacy Counsel
Expedia Group

andrew dpb

Drew Bjerken, Vice President and Head of Global Privacy
Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Xochitl Monteon

Xochitl Monteon, Vice President of Cybersecurity Risk & Governance and Chief Privacy Officer

In the age of digital transformations and big data, privacy is top of mind for both corporations and their customers. In fact, very few corporate spaces have undergone such rapid growth in terms of public awareness and expanded legislation.

All this growth begs the question: What will the Chief Privacy Officers of the future look like? Where's the next focus, and what skills do you need in order to get there?

Three senior privacy leaders shared their insights on:

  • Privacy considerations in the age of artificial intelligence 
  • How the Chief Privacy Officer role is evolving 
  • The growing importance of trust and transparency
  • Future challenges on the horizon 

Download these actionable insights to ensure you're staying ahead of industry trends and changes.

P.S. Want to get more insights on navigating changes in data privacy? Listen to the full panel discussion here!