Learn best practices from senior DEI leaders around communicating the importance of your self-ID campaign internally, collecting demographic data, collaborating with business partners, and more.

DEI Leaders featured in this guide:

Tina Bigalke

Tina Bigalke, Chief Diversity Officer

Cynthia Cordes

Cynthia Cordes, Global DEI Director

Jason Clark

Jason Clark, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Charles Schwab

Denise Fields

Denise Fields, Global Director of Inclusion & Diversity

Jill Bray

Jill Bray, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Sempra's SoCalGas


Amanda Reed, Director of CSR & Corporate Communications

Jacqueline Hardt

Jacqueline Hardt, Senior DEI Analytics Manager
M&T Bank


RiShawnda Henderson,
formerly FiscalNote

Self-ID campaigns can help collect demographic data and measure how your DEI strategy is moving the needle in your organization. Completing self-IDs is important for supporting employees with specific benefits, providing necessary training, development, and accommodations to make an equitable workplace.

But what are some of the essential steps needed to deploy an effective campaign? In this guide, DEI leaders share key steps around:

  • Communicating the rollout of self-IDs across your organization
  • Deciding which metrics are needed to measure your DEI strategy
  • Collecting information for global teams
  • Collaborating with business partners
  • Using demographic data to set future goals

Implementing an effective self-ID campaign requires collaboration across all business lines and transparency on how your company uses personal information to measure DEI goals. Download this guide to learn how you can collect demographic data to provide better access to benefits, training, mentorship, and help candidates and employees feel a sense of belonging.

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