Data self-service is both a hot trend and a looming goal within the data space. For many enterprise data leaders, establishing a self-service process can be critical in streamlining the access for data analytics enterprise-wide.

Senior Data Leaders featured in this guide


Justin Winters, Director of Enterprise Analytics

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Sreeram Potukuchi, Director of Enterprise Data
Republic Services

We spoke to Enterprise Data Strategy Board Chairs Justin Winter and Sreeram Potukuchi about their strategies to establish successful self-service processes, including:
  • Defining what self-service is at your organization
  • Leveraging tools to make data self-service reporting efficient
  • Creating a centralized vs. decentralized self-service process
  • Establishing ownership responsibilities of applications
  • Measuring the success of self-service applications
  • Providing efficient end-user training so data users can be self-sufficient

Establishing successful self-service processes is no easy task. Download part 1 of our guide to gain leadership insights on how senior enterprise data leaders say self-service is positively impacting their companies and becoming a necessity for data organization.

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