About this panel discussion:

Weaving privacy into the fabric of your organization's processes and products is foundational to building trust and protecting your consumers.

It’s one thing to have a Privacy by Design framework, but actually implementing that framework into the day-to-day of our systems is such a massive undertaking. How can you operationalize these principles at a practical level in your company? 

Download our panel recording for insights from some of the foremost data privacy leaders on:

  • Defining what privacy by design means to your company
  • Embedding PBD principles into day-to-day enterprise operations
  • What tools we're using in the process
  • Delineating key roles and responsibilities and training for those roles
  • Overcoming internal resistance to these initiatives

Data Privacy Board members who led the conversation:


Daniel Fisher, Director of Digital and Data

Tom Holtan

Tom Holtan, Senior Director of Privacy
Northwestern Mutual

Evan Fleischer

Evan Fleischer, Legal Counsel

Meet our Moderator:

Andrew Keller

Andrew Keller, Vice President of Cybersecurity and DevOps

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