About this panel discussion:

Staying ahead in your talent marketing strategy is essential for remaining competitive, adapting to changing workforce dynamics, and securing the top talent.

As the world of work continues to rapidly evolve, staying ahead of the curve in recruitment marketing and employer branding is paramount. What innovative strategies and best practices can you implement to attract, engage, and retain top talent?

Download our leadership discussion on planning for 2024 and get employer brand and talent marketing leadership insights on:

  • Building and maintaining a strong employer brand
  • Deciding which initiatives to invest more into
  • Choosing the technologies and tools to enhance your efforts
  • Optimizing your budget to address shifting priorities

Talent Marketing Board Members who led the discussion:

Britton Boch

Britton Bloch, Vice President of Talent Acquisition Strategy and Head of Recruiting
Navy Federal Credit Union

Mollie Bush

Mollie Bush, Lead Employer Brand Consultant

Niki Ferrans

Niki Ferrans, Director of Employer Marketing

Meet the moderator:

Hillary_Robbins (1)-1

Hillary Robbins, Recruiting Manager

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