Data and privacy leaders share how they're developing strategies that balance the need for insights with good privacy practices.

Enterprise Data Strategy and Data Privacy Board members featured in this guide:


Sarah Stalnecker, Global Director of Data Privacy
New Balance Athletics

John Tucker

John Tucker, Director of Enterprise Data Governance

Zeenat Syed

Zeenat Syed, Director of Strategy

Rebecca Whitaker

Rebecca Whitaker, Assistant Director of Privacy and Data Protection Officer
Principal Financial Group

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and heightened privacy concerns, the intersection of data analytics and privacy has become increasingly complex and consequential. How are the world's largest companies balancing the business value of data with the growing need to safeguard personal information? 

Data and privacy leaders shared strategies during our leadership panel, Empowering Analytics Through a Privacy Lens. In this guide, we compiled the top takeaways from the conversation, including: 

  • Navigating the new era of privacy regulatory and consumer awareness
  • Managing areas of intersection between analytics, privacy, and governance
  • Integrating privacy policies into your analytics strategy
  • Mitigating privacy risks in the age of AI advancements
Download our guide for best practices from the heads of data and privacy at the world's largest brands.