Insights on how a robust privacy culture, strong enterprise partnerships, and employee training will help mitigate AI risks.

Data Privacy Leaders featured in this guide:

Caroline Parks

Caroline Parks, Senior Director and Corporate Privacy Counsel
Expedia Group

andrew dpb

Drew Bjerken, Vice President and Head of Global Privacy
Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Xochitl Monteon

Xochitl Monteon, Vice President of Cybersecurity Risk & Governance and Chief Privacy Officer

In the age of artificial intelligence, establishing consumer trust will be vital, and data privacy will play a critical role in that effort. 

The Customer Data Platform Resource (CDP) found that nearly 82% of consumers are concerned about how the use of AI in marketing, customer service, and technical support could compromise their online privacy. Where do responsible AI guidelines fit into your greater privacy program?

We gathered insights from industry leaders to explore privacy's role in pursuing ethical AI, including how to:

  • Update your privacy policies 
  • Promote employee education and training
  • Establish collaboration with key business partners
  • Emphasizing Privacy by Design to avoid the misuse of data 

Download these insights and ensure your organization is pursuing AI with privacy considerations in mind.