Highlights from an Enterprise Data Strategy Board panel discussion on responsible AI and how to implement governance practices 

Enterprise Data Leaders featured in this guide:

Aditya Anne

Aditya Anne, Director of Data Science

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Natalie Heisler, Managing Director of Responsible AI
Accenture Applied Intelligence

Kevin Petrie

Kevin Petrie, Vice President of Research
Eckerson Group

Artificial intelligence technology is on everyone's minds, both the risks and opportunities it presents. As AI takes on a larger role in corporate decision-making, how can enterprises ensure they're using these systems in a fair and transparent manner?

Three industry experts shared their insights on responsible AI, including:

  • Emphasizing explainability and interpretability
  • The growing popularity of generative AI
  • Leveraging existing data governance practices 
  • Mitigating risk with third-party vendors
  • Ensuring compliance with global regulations 

Download these actionable insights to ensure you and your organization are balancing innovation and progress. 

P.S. Want to get more insights on AI governance? Listen to the full recording from the panel discussion here!