Actionable steps on how to build relationships, set expectations, and make the most of your resources in your first 90 days in a new corporate social responsibility leadership role.

ESG & CSR leader featured in this guide


Joby Carlson, Former Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of ESG at 7-Eleven
Independent Consultant

Stepping into a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) leadership role can feel as exciting as it does daunting. 

The corporate responsibility space is still relatively young, and there isn't always a well-defined playbook for success. Whether you're joining a new company or have been promoted from within, it can feel like you're navigating uncharted waters. 

To help you on your journey, ESG & CSR Board alumnus Joby Carlson, an independent consultant, shared his advice for those transitioning into a new role, including how to:

  • Build internal relationships
  • Socialize stakeholder expectations
  • Understand the business objectives
  • Make the most of your resources 

Plus, he shared a checklist of the key attributes and skills today's CSR leaders need to thrive.

Download the playbook and set yourself up for success as an enterprise CSR leader.