Discover the role of skills-based volunteering in corporate social responsibility and employee engagement.

CSR leader featured in this guide

Mark Moravits

Mark Moravits, Global Social Impact and Community Partnerships

Skill-based volunteer programming has the potential to engage more employees in meaningful service while leveraging their professional skills — a win for them and the nonprofits they're helping.

Standing up a skills-based program requires significant effort, and can be arguably more complex than other forms of volunteering.

We sat down with ESG & CSR Board Member Mark Moravits, who has 15 years of experience in skills-based volunteerism and currently leads Global Social Impact and Community Partnerships at Viasat.

In this guide, we'll explore: 

  • How to present supporting data and testimonials to secure leadership buy-in
  • Aligning your skill-based program with larger business objectives
  • Gaining visibility and finding the right employees to participate
  • How to set clear expectations with participants and their managers

Download the insights and learn how to launch a skills-based program that maximizes both employees' and partners' time for a greater impact.