About this panel discussion: 

As organizations prioritize employee well-being and engagement, the journey to establish a successful Employee Experience (EX) program is gaining momentum.

Job seekers are actively seeking out organizations that not only offer competitive compensation but also provide an enriching work environment, growth opportunities, and a positive company culture. An effective EX program is the key to meeting these expectations and differentiating your company from others.

Discover strategies, insights, and practical steps to:

  • Lay the foundation for an effective EX program
  • Forge a strong collaboration with HR
  • Implement EX initiatives that boost employee satisfaction
  • Leverage HR practices to enhance workplace culture

Download our leadership discussion on how to initiate and collaborate with HR to create a thriving EX program that resonates throughout your company.

Employee Experience Board Members who led conversation:

Headshot (12)

Christopher Hawkins, Director of HRIS, Payroll, Data Governance, and Reporting

Nicole Sloane

Nicole Sloane, HR Director of Global Employee Experience

Kate Zimberg

Kate Zimberg, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Meet the moderator

Krystal Putman-Garcia

Krystal Putman-Garcia, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer and GM of Community

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