Insights from senior DEI and talent marketing leaders on how to add inclusive practices within recruiting, leverage authentic storytelling, measure the effectiveness of your diversity recruitment efforts, and elevate DEI efforts in talent acquisition.

DEI and Talent Marketing Leaders Featured in This Guide

Erica White-Dunston

Erica White-Dunston, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Wandie Toledo

Wandie Toledo, Diversity Acquisition Leader
T. Rowe Price

Companies that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their recruitment efforts create a variety of perspectives, experiences, and ideas for improved decision making.

Elevating DEI in your recruitment efforts can also help retain employees, enhance your brand's reputation, and improve customer and community relations. We spoke to senior DEI and talent marketing leaders at the world's largest companies to gain their insights on:

  • Adding inclusive practices within recruiting
  • Leveraging authentic storytelling
  • Measuring the effectiveness of diversity recruitment efforts
  • Removing barriers for diverse candidates

These leadership insights will help you improve diversity recruitment efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Download our guide to learn how to elevate your company's DEI and talent efforts.