Learn best practices from senior DEI leaders around establishing self-ID campaigns, securing executive buy-in, communicating their importance, and more.

DEI Leaders featured in this guide:

Denise Fields

Denise Fields, Global Director of Inclusion & Diversity

Jason Clark

Jason Clark, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Charles Schwab


Amanda Reed, Director of CSR & Corporate Communications


RiShawnda Henderson,
formerly FiscalNote

Collecting demographic data in your company using self-ID campaigns is critical in measuring how your diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy is creating change. Understanding your company's employee population can guide your strategies to build a culture that supports all your employees.

Our guide provides insights from DEI leaders on why self-ID campaigns are essential for measuring DEI initiatives. They shared strategies on:

  • Securing buy-in throughout your organization
  • Communicating the importance of self-IDs across your enterprise
  • Encouraging employees to complete self-IDs
  • Partnering with business leaders to collect demographic data

Deploying self-ID campaigns is no easy task. Download this guide to learn why DEI leaders are collecting demographic data to provide better access to benefits, training, mentorship, and helping candidates and employees feel a sense of belonging.

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